Jian-Zhu Lu

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In 2010, Li and Hwang proposed an efficient biometrics-based remote user authentication scheme using smart card. Recently, for improving its security and supporting session key agreement, Li et al. proposed an improvement. In this article, we show that two schemes are unsafe for a user C i to reveal an obsolete value of R C to an attacker , who can succeed(More)
Tang and Wu proposed an efficient mobile authentication scheme for wireless networks, and claimed the scheme can effectively defend all known attacks to mobile networks including the denial-of-service attack. This article shows an existential replication attack on the scheme and, as a result, an attacker can obtain the communication key between a mobile(More)
In 2008, Tang and Wu designed a one-time alias mechanism for protecting the mobile privacy of a user. Recently, Youn and Lim proposed an improved delegation-based authentication protocol to provide private roaming service. In this article, we show that a link between requests may disclose information about the mobile privacy of a sender, and that the(More)
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