Jian-Zhong Sun

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Several magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques are being exploited to measure brain iron levels increasingly as iron deposition has been implicated in some neurodegenerative diseases. However, there remains no unified evaluation of these methods as postmortem measurement isn't commonly available as the reference standard. The(More)
A pathogenetic role of OH in myocardial stunning has been inferred from the protective effects of OH scavengers and iron chelators. However, conclusive demonstration of the OH radical hypothesis of myocardial stunning requires direct verification of three major, but still unproven, assumptions: (1) OH is produced in the stunned myocardium in vivo; (2)(More)
Background. The clinical applications of hepatic phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS) remain to be difficult because the changes of phosphates between normal hepatic tissues and pathological tissues are not so obvious, and furthermore, up to now there is few literature on hepatocyte-targeted 31P MRS. Materials and Methods. The ATP-loaded(More)
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