Jian Zhang

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Type 1 diabetes is a T-cell-mediated chronic disease characterized by the autoimmune destruction of pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells and complete insulin deficiency. It is the result of a complex interrelation of genetic and environmental factors, most of which have yet to be identified. Simultaneous identification of these genetic factors, through(More)
Bayesian networks have received much attention in the recent literature. In this article, we propose an approach to learn Bayesian networks using the stochastic approximation Monte Carlo (SAMC) algorithm. Our approach has two nice features. Firstly, it possesses the self-adjusting mechanism and thus avoids essentially the local-trap problem suffered by(More)
The inference of haplotype pairs directly from unphased genotype data is a key step in the analysis of genetic variation in relation to disease and pharmacogenetically relevant traits. Most popular methods such as Phase and PL do require either the coalescence assumption or the assumption of linkage between the single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). We(More)
SUMMARY Testing of multiple hypotheses involves statistics that are strongly dependent in some applications , but most work on this subject is based on the assumption of independence. We propose a new method for estimating the false discovery rate of multiple hypothesis tests, in which the density of test scores is estimated parametrically by minimizing the(More)
Decomposing a biological sequence into modular domains is a basic prerequisite to identify functional units in biological molecules. The commonly used segmentation procedures usually have two steps. First, collect and align a set of sequences that are homologous to the target sequence. Then, parse this multiple alignment into several blocks and identify the(More)
OBJECTIVES Formation of collateral circulation is an endogenous response to atherosclerosis, and is a natural escape mechanism by re-routing blood. Inflammatory response- related genes underlie the formation of coronary collaterals. We explored the genetic basis of collateral formation in man postulating interaction networks between functional Single(More)
Due to the continuous drop in computer hardware prices, the use of high-end computer systems has become attractive to many hospitals. Radiology departments are now facing the transition from the use of traditional light screens and photographic films to online medical imaging systems. These new systems offer several advantages over traditional methods:(More)
Smart charging of electrical vehicles (EVs) is critical to provide the secure and cost-effective operation for distribution systems. Three model objective functions which are minimization of total supplied power, energy costs and maximization of profits are formulated. The conventional household load is modeled as a ZIP load that consists of constant power,(More)