Jian-Yue Li

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Transgenic photo-thermo sensitive genic male sterility Oryza sativa L. cv. "261S" plants with the anti-Waxy gene were successfully obtained using an Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated co-transformation method. Marker-free homozygous transgenic lines with the anti-Waxy gene were obtained. The setting seed rates of the transgenic plants via self-pollination(More)
Discovery of new fragrance alleles provides important genetic resources for breeding fragrant rice. In this study, a hybrid complementation test demonstrated the association of a new fragrance allele without mutation in the coding region with flavor formation in a fragrant rice variety Nankai 138. The new allele (badh2-p-5′UTR) has a 3-bp deletion in the 5′(More)
Seventeen independent transgenic rice plants with the maize anthocyanin regulatory gene Lc under control of the CaMV 35S promoter were obtained and verified by molecular identification. Ten plants showed red spikelets during early development of florets, and the degenerate florets were still red after heading. Additionally, these plants exhibited intense(More)
BACKGROUND Swine hepatitis E virus (swHEV) is a zoonotic disease that is considered a major problem in pig production and presents a threat to human health. Elucidation of the major antigenic epitopes of swHEV is essential for the effective control of swHEV epidemics. RESULTS By bioinformatic analysis, we identified and then synthesized 12 peptides from(More)
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