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— In this letter, we introduced hydrogen ions into titanium metal doped into SiO 2 thin film as the insulator of resistive random access memory (RRAM) by supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO) 2 fluid treatment. After treatment, low resistance state split in to two states, we find the insert RRAM, which means it has an operating polarity opposite from normal(More)
A multi-level semantic modeling method, which integrates support vector machines (SVM) into hybrid Bayesian networks (HBN), is proposed in this paper. SVM discretizes the continuous variables of medical image features by classifying them into finite states as middle-level semantics. Based on the HBN, the semantic model for medical image semantic retrieval(More)
Hypertrophic scarring is characterized by collagen overproduction and excessive deposition of extracellular matrix. No consensus arises currently about the best therapeutics to produce complete and permanent improvement of scars with few side effects. In the present study, the mechanism of oleanolic acid (OA)-induced apoptosis in hypertrophic scar(More)
Power dissipation has become a pressing issue of concern in the designs of most electronic system as fabrication processes enter even deeper submicron regions. More specifically, leakage power plays a dominant role in system power dissipation. An emerging circuit design style, the reconfigurable single-electron transistor (SET) array, has been proposed for(More)
A newly designed transferable and flexible label-like organic memory based on a graphene electrode behaves like a sticker, and can be readily placed on desired substrates or devices for diversified purposes. The memory label reveals excellent performance despite its physical presentation. This may greatly extend the memory applications in various advanced(More)
A modified fuzzy Bayesian network (FBN) is proposed in this study, which integrates fuzzy logic into Bayesian networks (BN) by using Gaussian mixture models (GMM). The GMM make a fuzzy procedure to do a soft discretization of continuous variables, when dealing with continuous inputs with fuzzy and uncertain nature. Based on the FBN, the fuzzy reasoning(More)
CONTEXT Portulacerebroside A (PCA) is a novel cerebroside compound isolated from Portulaca oleracea L. (Portulacaceae), an edible and medicinal plant distributed in the temperate and tropical zones worldwide. OBJECTIVE This study investigates the effects of PCA in human liver cancer HCCLM3 cells on metastasis and invasion. MATERIALS AND METHODS After(More)