Jian-Yong Chua

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This work represents the first study on the biotransformation of chemical constituents of durian wine via simultaneous alcoholic fermentation (AF) and malolactic fermentation (MLF) with non-Saccharomyces yeast and lactic acid bacteria (LAB), namely, Torulaspora delbrueckii Biodiva and Oenococcus oeni PN4. The presence of PN4 improved the utilization of(More)
This work evaluated for the first time the chemical consequences of three commercial strains of Oenococcus oeni co-inoculated with Torulaspora delbrueckii in durian wine fermentation. Compared with the control (yeast only, 5.70% v/v ethanol produced), samples co-inoculated with T. delbrueckii and O. oeni PN4 improved ethanol production (6.06% v/v), which(More)
Soy whey is a liquid waste stream generated from tofu and soy protein manufacturing, and is commonly disposed of into the drainage system in food industry. Instead of disposing of soy whey as a waste, it could be used to produce alcoholic beverages. This study investigated the feasibility of converting soy whey into soy alcoholic beverage using four(More)
This is a first study on using two non-Saccharomyces yeasts, Torulaspora delbrueckii Biodiva and Pichia kluyveri FrootZen to produce durian wine via co-inoculation (Co-I) and sequential inoculation (Seq-I). T. delbrueckii inhibited the growth of P. kluyveri and P. kluyveri also partly retarded the growth of T. delbrueckii in Co-I and Seq-I treatments. Co-I(More)
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