Jian-Ying Li

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of energy spectral CT on the image quality of CT portal venography in cirrhosis patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS 30 portal hypertension patients underwent spectral CT examination using a single-tube, fast dual tube voltage switching technique. 101 sets of monochromatic images were generated from 40keV to 140keV. Image(More)
A new species of the genus Orbilia, O. yuanensis (Orbiliales, Orbiliomycetes), was collected from Yunnan Province (China) and Taiwan. The fungus differs from previously known Orbilia species in that it has rod-shaped ascospores with a tear-shaped spore body. An anamorph that was obtained from ascospore isolates is characterized as producing long, curved(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore possible relationship between copy-number variations (CNVs) in 15q11-13, 16p11 and SHANK3 gene by using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) and the phenotypes in children with autism and to further explore the clinical application of MLPA to make an etiological diagnosis of Autism. METHODS The diagnosed of autism(More)
The superfluous force seriously affects the dynamic load precision of the electro-hydraulic load simulator. Aiming at this question, the work principle of the electro-hydraulic load simulator was analyzed, and the bond graph models of the flow servo valve, hydraulic cylinder and load were established. These models sufficiently contain the higher-order(More)
Based on the four TM images of Naiman Banner in Inner Mongolia in 1975, 1985, 1995 and 2005, the extent and relative rate of land use change were used as the indices to analyze the regional difference of land use/cover change in the farming-pasturing zone of Naiman Banner, and the indices abundance and importance value were adopted to analyze the spatial(More)
Because there is flexible load in electro-hydraulic force servo control system, and there is second-order differential section whose oscillation frequency is low in the numerator of the transfer function, the frequency range of the electro-hydraulic force servo control system is influenced badly and the system may oscillate easily even is instability.(More)
Moisture measurement is of great needs in semiconductor industry, combustion diagnosis, meteorology, and atmospheric studies. We present an optical hygrometer based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS). By using different absorption lines of H2O in the 1.56 and 1.36 μm regions, we are able to determine the relative concentration (mole fraction) of water(More)
The applications of endohedral non-metallic fullerenes are limited by their low production rate. Recently, an explosive method developed in our group shows promise to prepare He@C₆₀ at fairly high yield, but the mechanism of He inserting into C₆₀ cage at explosive conditions was not clear. Here, ab initio molecular dynamics analysis has been used to(More)