Jian-Ying Li

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A new species of the genus Orbilia, O. yuanensis (Orbiliales, Orbiliomycetes), was collected from Yunnan Province (China) and Taiwan. The fungus differs from previously known Orbilia species in that it has rod-shaped ascospores with a tear-shaped spore body. An anamorph that was obtained from ascospore isolates is characterized as producing long, curved(More)
Because there is flexible load in electro-hydraulic force servo control system, and there is second-order differential section whose oscillation frequency is low in the numerator of the transfer function, the frequency range of the electro-hydraulic force servo control system is influenced badly and the system may oscillate easily even is instability.(More)
The superfluous force seriously affects the dynamic load precision of the electro-hydraulic load simulator. Aiming at this question, the work principle of the electro-hydraulic load simulator was analyzed, and the bond graph models of the flow servo valve, hydraulic cylinder and load were established. These models sufficiently contain the higher-order(More)
—Electromagnetic scattering by 3-D arbitrarily shaped homogeneous dielectric objects is characterized. In the analysis, the method of moments is first employed to solve the combined field integral equation for scattering properties of these three-dimensional homogeneous dielectric objects of arbitrary shape. The fast multipole method, and the multi-level(More)
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