Jian-Xun Wang

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A W-band sheet beam klystron is being developed as a portable coherent radiation source for active denial system application. The interaction circuit design employs eight stagger-tuned cavities (multigap structure) and a 12:1-aspect-ratio sheet electron beam (74 kV and 3.6 A) to produce 50-kW peak power (2.5 kW average) and 40-dB gain with 200-MHz(More)
A consistent dual-mesh hybrid LES/RANS framework for turbulence modeling has been proposed recently (H. Xiao, P. Jenny, A consistent dual-mesh framework for hybrid LES/RANS modeling, J. Comput. Phys. 231 (4) (2012)). To better enforce componentwise Reynolds stress consistency between the LES and the RANS simulations, in the present work the original hybrid(More)
Regarding the network instability of mobile ad hoc that is caused by nodes’ mobility and use of directional antennas, this paper aims to establish a computational formula of the neighbourhood topology maintenance time based on an improved mobile model to forecast the average link maintenance time using the principle of probability. According to the(More)
We report periodic permanent magnet modeling for an efficiently focused sheet beam (&#x223C;7:1) transport achieved in a relatively long (40 mm) drift tube. To perform a quick pulsed device (TWT) test, it is planned for a high aspect ratio electron gun (12:1, designed by CPI<sup>1</sup> for solenoidal field focused beam) to be used for currently designed(More)
The current status of THz sheet beam coherent source development is presented, including theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigation of the operational characteristics/performance, device component design, and emission/ life-time test results of synthesized nanocomposite cathodes. Advanced MEMS techniques using UV lithographic molding and(More)
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