Jian-Xue Xu

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PURPOSE Our previous works suggested that sensitivity of neurons with chaotic firing patterns to stimuli is significantly greater than that in neurons with periodic firing patterns, which shows that responsiveness of neurons may depend on the complexity of the firing series. This study was performed to determine the relation between responsiveness of the(More)
The method of moments is applied to an underdamped bistable oscillator driven by Gaussian white noise and a weak periodic force for the observations of stochastic resonance and the resulting resonant structures are compared with those from Langevin simulation. The physical mechanisms of the stochastic resonance are explained based on the evolution of the(More)
Sequences of intervals between firing times (interspike interval (ISI)) from a pair of locus ceruleus (LC) neurons coupled by axon–dendrite synapse with stimulus of constant and chaos are investigated in this paper. We analyze how the dynamical properties of chaotic input determine those of the output ISI sequences, and assess how various strength of(More)
A specific bursting, parabolic bursting induced by veratridine, has been observed in rat injured sciatic nerve. With the help of Plant model, the biophysical mechanism for such a phenomenon is revealed from the viewpoint of nonlinear dynamical theory. The slow sodium influx educed by veratridine and the calcium-dependent potassium outflux are regarded as(More)
In contrast to the previous researches on coherence resonance (CR), which have dealt with CR of periodic spiking neuron model, in this paper the characteristic of CR of chaotic neuron model, is researched. Whether CR of chaotic excitable neuron model can occur typically is of particular importance in neurophysiology, where CR is positive effect on(More)
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