Jian Xiong Zhou

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Inertial microfluidics has been attracting considerable interest for size-based separation of particles and cells. The inertial forces can be manipulated by expanding the microchannel geometry, leading to formation of microvortices which selectively isolate and trap particles or cells from a mixture. In this work, we aim to enhance our understanding of(More)
In this paper, we report an inertial microfluidic device with simple geometry for continuous extraction of large particles with high size-selectivity (<2 μm), high efficiency (∼90%), and high purity (>90%). The design takes advantage of a high-aspect-ratio microchannel to inertially equilibrate cells and symmetric chambers for microvortex-aided cell(More)
Inertial microfluidics has been attracting considerable interest in recent years due to immensely promising applications in cell separations and sorting. Despite the intense attention, the moderate efficiencies and low purity of the reported devices have hindered their widespread acceptance. In this work, we report on a simple inertial microfluidic system(More)
Cell filtration is a critical step in sample preparation in many bioapplications. Herein, we report on a simple, filter-free, microfluidic platform based on hydrodynamic inertial migration. Our approach builds on the concept of two-stage inertial migration which permits precise prediction of microparticle position within the microchannel. Our design(More)
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