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In order to reduce the power consumption to extend the lifetime of battery-powered Mobile Stations (MSs), IEEE 802.16e has introduced a sleep mode to decrease the usage of air interface resources of serving Base Stations (BSs). In the sleep mode, MS enters into a sleep cycle after negotiating with serving BS and stops its traffic service temporarily. In(More)
Configuration complexity is a novel research field.The concept of configuration complexity is outlined in this paper, as well as current research is introduced briefly. Based on the current study results and best practice, improved configuration complexity quantitative model is proposed in the paper. Then, after an enterprise network environment is(More)
This paper proposes a model of information systems operation and maintenance process complexity. It defines three metrics which include execution complexity, information complexity and flow complexity; presents formal definition and calculation method of these metrics; describes the process of evaluation; and analyzes the influence of the automation level,(More)
Network operation complexity model is proposed in this paper. This model includes nested system model, operation process model and quantitative indicator model. Then, a normalization treatment method of indicator data is put forward. After constructing a network system in the laboratory, we apply the model to the operation process of network and obtain(More)
DOD architecture framework (DODAF) can describe not only operation activities in military field, but also composition of system in non-military field. By studying DODAF, description and analysis methods of it are abstracted in this paper, and information system architecture framework is proposed from view of non-military. In this framework, fourteen(More)
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