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User authentication is a basic security requirement during the deployment of the wireless sensor network (WSN), because it may operate in a rather hostile environment, such as a military battlefield. In 2010, Khan and Alghathbar (KA) found out that Das’s two-factor user authentication scheme for WSNs is vulnerable to the gateway node (GW-node) bypassing(More)
The 3D chromatin structure modeling by chromatin interactions derived from Hi-C experiments is significantly challenged by the intrinsic sequencing biases in these experiments. Conventional modeling methods only focus on the bias among different chromatin regions within the same experiment but neglect the bias arising from different experimental sequencing(More)
In Monte Carlo simulations, the more particles you trace, the more accurate results you get. While recent improvements in hardware and software have feasible on personal computers, it can still take hours, even days to achieve a statistically meaningful result. Geant4 is a kind of Monte Carlo simulation tool solving the problem in nuclear physics. It can be(More)
The security of Web services has become one of the important research topics about the application of Web services. In this paper, we propose an agent-based policy aware framework for Web services security. In this framework, a policy language called ReiT which is a declarative language based on the rules and ontologies is introduced. The non-structural(More)
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