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iv iv Expanding the Measure of Wealth 4.1 The simple economics of win-win subsidy reform 42 4.2 Price reform problems in transition economies 47 4.3 Energy in Russia: what lies ahead? 50 4.4 China: subsidy reform in the coal sector 50 4.5 Electricity subsidies 51 4.6 Removing pesticide subsidies in Bangladesh 54 4.7 Removing pesticide subsidies in Indonesia(More)
Here, we report the isolation and characterization of an endogenous peptide ligand of GPR103 from rat brains. The purified peptide was found to be the 43-residue RF-amide peptide QRFP. We also describe two mouse homologues of human GPR103, termed mouse GPR103A and GPR103B. QRFP binds and activates the human GPR103, as well as mouse GPR103A and GPR103B, with(More)
Oral administration of green or black tea inhibited UVB light-induced complete carcinogenesis in the skin of SKH-1 mice. Green tea was a more effective inhibitor than black tea. Oral administration of decaffeinated green or black tea resulted in substantially less inhibitory activity than did administration of the regular teas, and in one experiment,(More)
Pretreatment of SKH-1 mice with p.o.-administered 0.6% green tea (6 mg of lyophilized tea solids/ml) or 0.044% caffeine (0.44 mg/ml; concentration present in 0.6% green tea) for 2 weeks enhanced UV-induced increases in the number of p53-positive cells, p21(WAF1/CIP1)-positive cells, and apoptotic sunburn cells in the epidermis. These effects of(More)
Lymphocystis diseases in fish throughout the world have been extensively described. Here we report the complete genome sequence of lymphocystis disease virus isolated in China (LCDV-C), an LCDV isolated from cultured flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) with lymphocystis disease in China. The LCDV-C genome is 186,250 bp, with a base composition of 27.25% G+C.(More)
Each enantiomer of the diastereomeric pair of bay-region dibenz[a,h]anthracene 3,4-diol-1,2-epoxides in which the benzylic 4-hydroxyl group and epoxide oxygen are either cis (isomer 1) or trans (isomer 2) were evaluated for mutagenic activity. In strains TA 98 and TA 100 of Salmonella typhimurium, the diol epoxide with (1S,2R,3S,4R) absolute configuration(More)
— Task scheduling algorithm, which is an NP-completeness problem, plays a key role in cloud computing systems. In this paper, we propose an optimized algorithm based on genetic algorithm to schedule independent and divisible tasks adapting to different computation and memory requirements. We prompt the algorithm in heterogeneous systems, where resources(More)
WNKs (with-no-lysine [K]) are a family of serine-threonine protein kinases with an atypical placement of the catalytic lysine relative to all other protein kinases. The roles of WNK kinases in regulating ion transport were first revealed by the findings that mutations of two members cause a genetic hypertension and hyperkalemia syndrome. More recent studies(More)
For centuries, traditional agricultural systems have contributed to food and livelihood security throughout the world. Recognizing the ecological legacy in the traditional agricultural systems may help us develop novel sustainable agriculture. We examine how rice-fish coculture (RF), which has been designated a "globally important agricultural heritage(More)