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Klotho is a membrane protein predominantly produced in the kidney that exerts some antiageing effects. Ageing is associated with an increased risk of heart failure; whether Klotho is cardioprotective is unknown. Here we show that Klotho-deficient mice have no baseline cardiac abnormalities but develop exaggerated pathological cardiac hypertrophy and(More)
The transient receptor potential channel TRPV5 contributes to the apical entry pathway for transcellular calcium reabsorption in the kidney. Acid load causes hypercalciuria in animals and humans. We have previously reported that intracellular protons directly inhibit TRPV5. Here, we examined the effects of intracellular pH on single-channel activity of(More)
Endocrine erythropoietin (Epo), which is synthesized in the kidney or liver of adult mammals, controls erythrocyte production and is regulated by the stress-responsive transcription factor Hypoxia Inducible Factor 2 (HIF-2). We previously reported that the lysine acetyltransferase Cbp is required for HIF-2α acetylation and efficient HIF-2 dependent Epo(More)