Jian Xiang Lian

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The rise of 2D materials made it possible to form heterostructures held together by weak interplanar van der Waals interactions. Within such van der Waals heterostructures, the occurrence of 2D periodic potentials significantly modifies the electronic structure of single sheets within the stack, therefore modulating the material properties. However, these(More)
Graphene has unique physical and chemical properties, making it appealing for a number of applications in optoelectronics, sensing, photonics, composites, and smart coatings, just to cite a few. These require the development of production processes that are inexpensive and up-scalable. These criteria are met in liquid-phase exfoliation (LPE), a technique(More)
We describe a method for continuous colloidal pattern replication using contact photolithography. Cr-on-quartz masks are fabricated using colloidal nanosphere lithography and subsequently used as photolithography stamps. Hexagonal pattern arrangements with different dimensions (980, 620 and 480 nm, using colloidal particles with these respective diameters)(More)
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