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Quercetin is one of flavonoids with cyto-protective activities. It has been demonstrated that quercetin inhibits oxidative stress in some animal models and specific cells, but the particular mechanism is known a little. In the present study, we found that quercetin could decrease the expression of Krüppel-like factor 4 (KLF4) induced by hydrogen peroxide(More)
AIM To investigate the relation between brain ischemia and persistent vegetative state after severe traumatic brain injury. METHODS The 66 patients with severe brain injury were divided into two groups: The persistent coma group (coma duration ≥10 d) included 51 patients who had an admission Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of 5-8 and were unconscious for more(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the surgical outcomes of pediatric symptomatic epilepsy and the influencing factors for postoperative outcomes. METHODS A cohort of 48 children with symptomatic epilepsy received surgical treatment from October 2004 to September 2008. The surgical outcomes were followed up. RESULTS A 27.3 months (range 12-51 months) follow-up(More)
AIM The present study aimed to examine the effect of tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) inhibition on bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) in neurological function recovery after spinal cord injury (SCI) via the Wnt signaling pathway in a rat model. METHODS The rat model of SCI was established using Allen's method. Seventy-two adult male(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Acoustic neurinomas is one of the most common benign tumor in central nervous system, the main treatment is surgical resection. This study is to explore keyhole surgery with suboccipital retrosigmoid sinus approach for acoustic tumor resection and discuss how to improve the surgical skill and effect. METHODS Thirteen cases of(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize the experience in microsurgical removal of craniopharyngioma using combined transorbital-subfrontal and temporal craniotomy. METHODS Eighteen patients with craniopharyngioma varied from 3.1 cm to 6.2 cm in diameter. The tumor was located in the suprasellar region in 7 patients, extended to the third ventricle in 6, and down to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the clinical significance of the protection of superior petrosal vein (SPV) in the microneurosurgery for acoustic neuroma. METHODS From January 2009 to July 2011, 149 cases of acoustic neuroma microsurgery were observed. The difference in hematoma in surgical area, cerebellar hematoma and cerebellar edema were compared between a SPV(More)
A 33-year-old male presented with a thoracic spinal intramedullary meningioma manifesting as bilateral asymmetric progressive weakness in the lower extremities. Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an intramedullary mass at the T1-T3 level. Intraoperative inspection found that the spinal cord was markedly swollen with a normal surface while(More)
The aim of our research is to investigate the regulatory role of TNF-like weak inducer of apoptosis- fibroblast growth factor–inducible 14 (TWEAK-Fn14) pathway in nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) expression and neurogenesis status after spinal cord injury (SCI). We constructed a mice model of spinal cord injury and injected different lentiviral vectors which(More)