Jian-Wu Dang

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The real-time distributed supervising and control systems have distributed physical entities that cooperate together to accomplish their local goals, make possible decisions, execute actions, and negotiate through the communication protocol to reach global criterion. For designing its simulation software, the hybrid software agent model is developed on the(More)
A genetic algorithm simulating Darwinian evolution is proposed to yield near-optimal solutions to the multiple traveling salesmen problem (MTSP). A new transformation of the N-city M-salesmen MTSP to the standard traveling salesman problem (TSP) is introduced. The transformed problem is represented by a city-position map with (N +M-1) -cities and a single(More)
In prediction of railway passenger traffic volume based on support vector regression, different input points make different contribution to the predictive function. A new prediction method for railway passenger volume, named weighted LS-SVM, is presented in this paper, different weighting factors are assigned to each input points by the linear interpolation(More)
With the rapid development of high-speed railway in China, it is very important to study on comfort of high-speed trains. On the basis of the comprehensive evaluation model of comfort based on rough set theory and fuzzy theory for high-speed railway, the paper has established a method of extraction and optimization for evaluation rules by rough set theory(More)
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