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AsterixDB is a new, full-function BDMS (Big Data Management System) with a feature set that distinguishes it from other platforms in today’s open source Big Data ecosystem. Its features make it well-suited to applications like web data warehousing, social data storage and analysis, and other use cases related to Big Data. AsterixDB has a flexible NoSQL(More)
At UC Irvine, we are building a next generation parallel database system, called ASTERIX, as our approach to addressing today’s “Big Data” management challenges. ASTERIX aims to combine time-tested principles from parallel database systems with those of the Web-scale computing community, such as fault tolerance for long running jobs. In this demo, we(More)
Hierarchical routing protocols are critical for the wireless sensor networks (WSN) to maximize its lifetime, but the existing protocols are prone to lead nodes in clusters to die early due to ignoring the state of neighbors in the cluster head decision. In this paper, a new cluster-based optimization algorithm is set up which optimizes clustering process,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the epidemiological characteristics of foodborne disease outbreaks in China in 2006. METHODS The foodborne diseases data collected by the National Foodborne Disease Surveillance Network in 2006 were analyzed. RESULTS There were 594 outbreaks of foodborne disease reported from 18 provinces in 2006, which caused illness in 13849 persons(More)
Serological thymidine kinase 1 (STK1) is a reliable proliferation marker for prognosis, monitoring tumour therapy, and relapse. Here we investigated the use of STK1 in health screening for early detection of pre-malignant and malignant diseases. The investigation was based on 35,365 participants in four independent health screening studies in China between(More)
One critical part of building and running a data warehouse is the ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading) process. In fact, the growing ETL tool market is already a multi-billion-dollar market. Getting data into data warehouses has been a hindering factor to wider potential database applications such as scientific computing, as discussed in recent panels at(More)
By computational analyses, we identified 357 miRNA candidates from Canis familiaris genome, among which 300 are homology of characterized human miRNAs, the remains are not reported in any other animal. Of the 357 miRNA genes, 142 are organized into 53 clusters, and two clusters locate in the paternally imprinted region. These dog miRNAs may regulate more(More)
There are some unresolved issues in classical hierarchical routing protocols for wireless sensor networks (WSN), In this paper, an energy-efficient multi-hop hierarchical routing protocol (EMHR) is proposed for WSN. Based on the energy strategy in the cluster head decision, the node of the largest surplus energy is selected to become the cluster head, which(More)
Huge biomedical literatures result in many new challenges on text classification, its efficiency and sparseness of data attract many researchers. Recent success of language modeling in information retrieval have let us consider again about multinomial Naive Bayes for text classification. In this paper, we propose a semantic smoothing method for Naive Bayes(More)