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This study was designed to investigate the pro-inflammatory cytokines and their involvement in the cytotoxic potential of fluoride (F) in HeLa cells. HeLa cells were cultured with varying F concentrations (1–50 mg/L) for 48 h, and treatment effects were analyzed. The viability of HeLa cells was determined with a colorimetric method. The concentrations of(More)
The paper is about the study on efficiency and operation cost of 11 research oriented CT systems in Shanghai zone. The study result include the average volume, annual operation cost, cost per scan and break-even-point. It reveals that the research oriented CT system purchase price and operation cost is high. The suggestion is that the hospital should be(More)
Color glazes of Ming and Qing official kilns are excellent representatives of the famous ancient Chinese porcelains. The study of official ware with Jilan glaze has been an important topic. But it made slow progress due to the rarity of samples with strict production management and using system. The recipes, chemical composition and chromaticity(More)
Overglaze decoration porcelain is an important category of ancient Chinese ceramics, which has significant artistic value and scientific value. Nondestructive analysis methods such as Raman spectroscopy and EDXRF were used to analyze the overglaze decorations on the Jingdezhen ceramic samples of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty. The recipe and color mechanism of(More)
In this paper, the SWOT analysis method is used to find out the internal strength, weakness, exterior opportunities and threats of the present medical devices' procurements in hospitals and some strategic considerations are suggested as "one direction, two expansions, three changes and four countermeasures".
The modern information technology is based on the computer technology, the network communication technology and the multimedia technology, and the multimedia technology is based on modern information technology. Due to the intelligence, interaction, openness, and sharing of multimedia technology, the multimedia teaching has an increasing proportion, and(More)
Color glaze is one of the four famous traditional ceramics of Jingdezhen, especially for the products from Ming and Qing Dynasties' official kilns which have rich connotation of technology and culture. The chemical composition and chromaticity characteristic of glaze and body of purple-gold glaze samples from Jingdezhen Ming and Qing Dynasties' official(More)
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