Jian-Wei Wu

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Annotating protein functions and linking proteins with similar functions are important in systems biology. The rapid growth rate of newly sequenced genomes calls for the development of computational methods to help experimental techniques. Phylogenetic profiling (PP) is a method that exploits the evolutionary co-occurrence pattern to identify functional(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the optimum injection volume of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) to augment a novel fenestrated pedicle screw (FPS) with diameter-tapered perforations in the osteoporotic vertebral body, and how the distribution characteristics of PMMA affect the biomechanical performance of this screw. METHODS Two types of FPSs were designed(More)
In this paper, we describe our participation in the Social Book Search(SBS) Suggestion Task. We developed some new re-ranking models, based on what we applied in last year. We used Galago search from the index which was built with active books. The queries input to search engine were composed by key words from topics, and then we performed re-ranking(More)
BACKGROUND Criteria for determining brain death (BD) vary between China and the United States. We reported the results of an investigation designed to compare procedures to determine BD in two countries. METHODS The latest criteria in the United states were published in 2010. The latest criteria in China were published in 2009. We used these two types of(More)
Brain death (BD) is that someone's brain stops functioning, even though their heart may be kept beating using a machine. After brain function had ceased, somatic function being sustained by mechanical ventilation for a long time. Further treatment is inappropriate in a dead patient. Hence, in many countries, the law provides that treatment can be(More)
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