Jian Wei Li

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In the generalized group-oriented cryptosystem, the sender can send a conditional message to a group of users such that only the specified sets of users in this group can cooperate to decrypt this message. In this paper, we will use an ElGamal cryptosystem and an elliptic curve ElGamal cryptosystem to achieve the purposes of generalization and(More)
Rule discovery is usually posed as a multi-objective optimization problem with two criteria, predictive accuracy and comprehensibility. Single-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm, which combines the two criteria into one, has been shown to have convincing results on the classification tasks. However, it does not take the nature of the optimality(More)
The literatures have indicated that cooperative learning facilitates enhancing learning performance, which focuses on (1) the interaction and the collaboration between grouping members, and (2) one member helping other members to be successful. The literatures have shown that the grouping organization is a critical issue for promoting learning achievement(More)
Mutual authentication and key exchange protocols (MAKEP) provide two parties in communication with guarantee of true identity. And then the two parties end up sharing a common session key for privacy and data integrity during the session. In MAKEP, public-key-based schemes and symmetric-key-based schemes are often used. However, the former requires high(More)
Cooperative learning has been defined as “learners working together as a team to solve a problem to complete a task or to accomplish a common goal”, which emphasizes the importance of interactions among members to promote the whole learning performance. With the popularity of society networks, cooperative learning is no longer limited to traditional(More)
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