Jian-Wei He

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The oxidation of ultra-thin Mg films supported on a Mo(100) surface has been studied using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) in the 90-1300 K sample temperature range. Upon adsorption of oxygen onto Mg thin films or deposition of Mg in the presence of oxygen, a Mg(2p) XPS feature at N 50.5-50.8 eV is observed. The binding energy of this peak is higher(More)
CO adsorption on MgO ultrathin films grown on a Mo(100) surface is studied using infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy GRAS). CO adsorbed on 7 ML of MgO shows a stretch frequency at 2178 cm-’ which is blue-shifted relative to that of gas-phase CO (2143 cm-‘). This blue-shift is believed to arise from electron charge donation from the CO% orbitals to(More)
North-Holland .:,:,:.:.::.;;::::::::. ,‘;;(.‘:. . . . . .c... .,...... .,.......,..,.,. ., .A i.. ::::::::.:,:::::::::::::::::::::::i:::’~::::::~::::~::::.:::::~:~:~ ::,, :.~;::.::l:l:~:::;;:::::.. ““““.“. “.‘( ” ‘.‘.‘. ‘).::.:.; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .:::.: :::::i‘i: kurface scienc6 i.,.i.-. ,, “““~i’:‘:‘.~.....‘.~...... _+:,:::::::.: .“” ‘:“““:’(More)
The metal-support interactions for a model silica-supported copper catalyst have been studied using temperature-programmed desorption, X-ray photoelectron and infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopies under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. The model catalyst support was prepared by synthesizing a thin SiO, film (_ 100 A) on a Mo(l10) surface. Copper was(More)
OBJECTIVE To search for a method for increasing clinical therapeutic effect of acute large area cerebral infarction. METHODS Ninety-six cases were randomly divided into a comprehensive treatment group and a western medicine group, 48 cases in each group. The western medicine group were treated with routine western methods, dehydration for decreasing(More)
Ultra-thin MgO films have been synthesized under UHV conditions by evaporating Mg onto Mo( 100) in various background pressures of oxygen. Low-energy electron diffraction (LEED) studies show that MgO films grow epitaxially in the 200-600 K substrate temperature range with the (100) face ofMg0 oriented parallel to Mo( 100). The one-to-one stoichlometty of(More)
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