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Amalgamation between the Yangtze and Cathaysia Blocks in South China: Constraints from SHRIMP U–Pb zircon ages, geochemistry and Nd–Hf isotopes of the Shuangxiwu volcanic rocks
Abstract South China was formed through the amalgamation of the Yangtze Block with the Cathaysia Block, but the timing of this amalgamation is controversial, ranging from Mesoproterozoic to Mesozoic.Expand
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Ages and magnetic structures of the South China Sea constrained by deep tow magnetic surveys and IODP Expedition 349
Combined analyses of deep tow magnetic anomalies and International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 349 cores show that initial seafloor spreading started around 33 Ma in the northeastern SouthExpand
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Cenozoic environmental evolution of the Qaidam Basin and its implications for the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau and the drying of central Asia
Abstract A complete Cenozoic pollen sequence of the Qaidam Basin has been constructed with absolute age control. The Cenozoic environmental evolution of the Qaidam Basin, and its implications for theExpand
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Backwasting rate on debris-covered Koxkar glacier, Tuomuer mountain, China
A physically based energy-balance model with improved parameterization of solar radiation for a sloped ice surface has been developed to estimate the backwasting rate of an ice cliff in aExpand
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Zircon SHRIMP U-Pb dating for the Cangshuipu volcanic rocks and its implications for the lower boundary age of the Nanhua strata in South China
The continental volcanic rocks and volcaniclastic sedimentary conglomerates of the Cangshuipu Formation occur well in Yiyang of Hunan Province, consisting of a wedge-shaped succession ofExpand
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Sedimentological constraints on the initial uplift of the West Bogda Mountains in Mid-Permian
The Late Paleozoic is considered to be an important stage in the evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB). The Bogda Mountains, a northeastern branch of the Tianshan Mountains, record theExpand
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Volcanic shutdown of the Panama Canal area following breakup of the Farallon plate
Abstract The Panama Canal area is a significant part of the Panama Isthmus, where prominent volcanic fronts of eastern Central America are interrupted by a topographic low of unclear tectonic andExpand
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Using 3dRNA for RNA 3‐D Structure Prediction and Evaluation
  • Jian Wang, Y. Xiao
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  • Current protocols in bioinformatics
  • 1 March 2017
This unit describes how to use 3dRNA to predict RNA 3‐D structures from their sequences and secondary (2‐D) structures, and how to use 3dRNAscore to evaluate the predicted structures. The predictedExpand
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Volcanic contribution to emergence of Central Panama in the Early Miocene
Formation of the Panama Isthmus, that had global oceanographic and biotic effects in the Neogene, is generally associated with tectonic uplift during collision of the Panama volcanic arc with SouthExpand
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Spin-resolved electron waiting times in a quantum-dot spin valve
We study the electronic waiting time distributions (WTDs) in a non-interacting quantum dot spin valve by varying spin polarization and the noncollinear angle between the magnetizations of the leadsExpand
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