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Dynamic address assignment is a desirable feature for deploying wireless sensor network. Typically, a distributed address assignment mechanism is accomplished by ZigBee alliance, whereas, sensors join a network is unpredictable, it may engender uneven node density, so it is possible that one node exhausts its list of addresses while another node has(More)
—MapReduce is becoming the state-of-the-art computing paradigm for processing large-scale datasets on a large cluster with tens or thousands of nodes. It has been widely used in various fields such as e-commerce, Web search, social networks, and scientific computation. Understanding the characteristics of MapReduce workloads is the key to achieving better(More)
—Understanding the characteristics of MapReduce workloads in a Hadoop cluster is the key to making optimal configuration decisions and improving the system efficiency and throughput. However, workload analysis on a Hadoop cluster, especially in a large-scale e-commerce production environment, has not been well studied yet. In this paper, we performed a(More)
In this paper we present results from test and quantitative analysis of leading hypervisors Xen, Kvm and Vmware. Our test comparison was carried out using benchmarks which can performance on the overall performance, performance isolation, and scalability of virtual machines running on these three hypervisors. To compare, we need to measure the efficiency of(More)
This study examined the applicability of various density functional theory (DFT)-based descriptors, such as energy gap (DeltaE) between the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) and the lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO), weighted nucleophilic atomic frontier electron density (WNAFED, FNi), mean molecular polarizability (alpha), and net atomic(More)
Wireless Sensor networks (WSN) are prone to cause failures due to the constraining factors of energy, memory and communication capability. This paper describes an efficient faulty detection and recovery mechanism for ZigBee network which is an industrial standard widely adopted for WSN. We propose a localized tree based method for detecting faults due to(More)
This paper presents the approach to extract the local features of the two-dimensional Intrinsic Mode Function (IMF) obtained by 2EMD and detect the edge features using the monogenic signal. The monogenic signal is a 2D-generalization of the analytic signal using the Riesz transform taking place of the Hilbert Transform. Analyzing each 2D-IMF by studying(More)