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Protein thermostability can be increased by some glycine to proline mutations in a target protein. However, not all glycine to proline mutations can improve protein thermostability, and this method is suitable only at carefully selected mutation sites that can accommodate structural stabilization. In this study, homology modeling and molecular dynamics(More)
BACKGROUND Human genetic variations primarily result from single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that occur approximately every 1000 bases in the overall human population. The non-synonymous SNPs (nsSNPs) that lead to amino acid changes in the protein product may account for nearly half of the known genetic variations linked to inherited human diseases. One(More)
Pneumonitis and fibrosis are major lung complications of irradiating thoracic malignancies. In the current study, we determined the effect of thoracic irradiation on the lungs of FVB/N mice. Survival data showed a dose-dependent increase in morbidity following thoracic irradiation with single (11-13 Gy) and fractionated doses (24-36 Gy) of (137)Cs γ-rays.(More)
The acidic stability of a methyl parathion hydrolase (Ochr-MPH) was improved by selectively changing basic amino acids to acidic ones. Mutation sites were selected based on the position-specific amino acid replacement probabilities (more than or equal to 0.2) and the entropy of each site (more than or equal to 0.8). Three mutants (K208E, K277D, and(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have identified smoking as a risk factor for osteoporosis, but it is unclear whether passive smoking has an effect on bone mineral density and bone turnover and if such an effect could cause osteoporosis.The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of passive smoking on bone mineral density (BMD) and bone turnover and the(More)
Bidirectional gene pairs exist as a specific form of gene organization in microorganisms and mammals as well as in model plant species, such as Arabidopsis and rice. Little is known about bidirectional gene pairs in maize, which has a large genome and is one of the most important grain crops. We conducted a genome-wide search in maize using genome(More)
Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) has become the most common non-pharmacological treatment for intractable drug-resistant epilepsy. However, the contribution of VNS to neurological rehabilitation following stroke has not been thoroughly examined. Therefore, we investigated the specific role of acute VNS in the recovery of cognitive functioning and the possible(More)
Natriuretic peptides (NPs) exert their actions through three membrane-bound receptors, which are known as NP receptors (NPRs: NPR-A, NPR-B and NPR-C). In this work we examined the expression of three NPRs in rat retinal ganglion cells (GCs), retrogradely labeled and intracellularly dye-injected, by double immunofluorescence labeling. In vertical sections,(More)
BACKGROUND Amyloid fibrillar aggregates of proteins or polypeptides are known to be associated with many human diseases. Recent studies suggest that short protein regions trigger this aggregation. Thus, identifying these short peptides is critical for understanding diseases and finding potential therapeutic targets. RESULTS We propose a method, named(More)
BACKGROUND An important aspect of protein design is the ability to predict changes in protein thermostability arising from single- or multi-site mutations. Protein thermostability is reflected in the change in free energy (DeltaDeltaG) of thermal denaturation. RESULTS We have developed predictive software, Prethermut, based on machine learning methods, to(More)