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Market Power in Convex Hull Pricing
This paper considers a stylized model where all generators share the same generation capacity, and proposes an index for market power quantification in the convex hull pricing schemes. Expand
Strategic Bidding in Extended Locational Marginal Price Scheme
A profit decomposition method is proposed to evaluate different bidding strategies’ impacts on individual payoffs and use the maximal markup as an index for eLMP scheme to quantify market power in the whole system. Expand
Explainable AI Enabled Conductor Galloping Predictor Design
  • Jian Sun, Chenye Wu, Yongfeng Cheng, Bin Liu, Danyu Li
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Power & Energy Society Innovative Smart Grid…
  • 16 February 2021
This work proposes to use a variation of the decision tree, Classification and Regression Tree (CART), to deal with the imbalanced dataset for conductor galloping prediction, and its tree structure may help illuminate the physical dynamics with a remarkable performance guarantee. Expand
Conductor Galloping Detection on Imbalanced Dataset: SVM with Smart Sampling
Conductor galloping is the high-amplitude, low-frequency oscillation of overhead power lines due to wind. Such movements may lead to severe damages to transmission lines, and hence pose significantExpand
Storage Control for Carbon Emission Reduction: Opportunities and Challenges
This paper identifies the non-convex structure to conduct storage control for this task and proposes an easy to implement dynamic programming algorithm to investigate the value of storage in carbon emission reduction. Expand
Conductor Galloping Prediction on Imbalanced Datasets: SVM with Smart Sampling
This paper designs a prediction framework for conductor galloping and suggests that using only three features, together with over sampling, the SVM based prediction framework achieves an F_1-score of 98.9%. Expand
Temporal Vulnerability Assessment for Convex Hull Pricing
  • Jian Sun, Chenye Wu
  • Computer Science
  • e-Energy
  • 22 June 2021
An equivalent form of CHP is identified, which provides valuable economic and structural insights and helps in revealing how generator bidding can influence the CHP. Expand