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Protopanaxadiol and metformin synergistically inhibit estrogen-mediated proliferation and anti-autophagy effects in endometrial cancer cells.
Investigation of whether protopanaxadiol (PPD, a metabolite of ginsenosides) and metformin could synergistically regulate the biological behavior of endometrial cancer cells (ECC) found that either metformIn or PPD treatment led to a decreased viability and increased apoptosis and autophagy levels in ECC lines, and combination of PPD and met formin could enhance these effects induced by metform in vitro. Expand
The antitumor activity study of ginsenosides and metabolites in lung cancer cell.
Results indicate that both ginsenosides and two metabolites have antitumor activity on lung cancer cell in vitro, however, PPT is more powerful for inhibiting the viability and invasiveness of lung cancers cell, especially lung squamous cell. Expand
Expression of DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma and its importance
It was suggested that the expression levels of DNA-PKcs were significantly increased in LSCC tumor tissues than in adjacent normal mucosa tissues, and may become a novel prognostic marker for patients with LSCC. Expand
Highly efficient synthesis of flavonol 5-O-glycosides with glycosyl ortho-alkynylbenzoates as donors.
With glycosyl ortho-alkynylbenzoates as donors, the highly efficient glycosylation of flavonoid 5-OH which are notorious for their low reactivity due to their involvement in the formation of strongExpand
The Structural Revision and Total Synthesis of Carambolaflavone A.
The synthesis of both enantiomers of carambolaflavone A, the antidiabetic and flavonoid C-glycoside, was achieved for the first time via a 12-longest-linear-step with 16% (l-fucose) and 11%Expand
Synthetic Access Toward Cycloastragenol Glycosides.
Through the synthetic investigation, the reactivity sequence of the four OHs in cycloastragenol was fixed for the first time and a detour strategy for the highly efficient removal of bulky pivaloyl protecting groups was discovered. Expand
Synthetic investigation toward apigenin 5-O-glycoside camellianin B as well as the chemical structure revision.
The first total synthesis of the proposed structure of apigenin-5-O-glycoside camellianin B was achieved, wherein three approaches, one linear and two convergent, were established, through which the synthetic structures were firmly corroborated. Expand
Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Steviol Glycosides.
A facile, diversity-oriented, and economic protocol for the synthesis of structurally defined steviol glycosides was established and these high-intensity sweeteners and potential lead compounds for drug development are now readily accessible. Expand
Simulation and experimental study of ultrasonic cutting for aluminum honeycomb by disc cutter.
Results show that the hexagonal structure of aluminum honeycomb can be protected and machining quality can be improved by using ultrasonic vibration, and high quality and efficient machining for aluminum honeyCombine can be achieved. Expand
First Total Synthesis of the Bioactive Arylnaphthyl Lignan 4‐O‐Glycosides Phyllanthusmin D and 4′′‐O‐Acetylmananthoside B
Based on the orchestrated application of PTC and Yu glycosylations, the first total synthesis of arylnaphthalide glycosides, phyllanthusmin D and 4''-O-acetylmananthoside B, which were claimed to beExpand