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This is a follow-up of our recent article Deng et al. (2004). In Deng et al. (2004), we derive some local geometric conditions on vortex filaments which can prevent finite time blowup of the 3D incompressible Euler equation. In this article, we derive improved geometric conditions which can be applied to the scenario when velocity blows up at the same time(More)
A natural condition on the structure of the underlying chemical reaction network, namely weak reversibility, is shown to guarantee the existence of an equilibrium (steady state) in each positive stoichiometric compatibility class for the associated mass-action system. Furthermore, an index formula is given for the set of equilibria in a given stoichiometric(More)
From ultracold atoms to quantum chromodynamics, reliable ab initio studies of strongly interacting fermions require numerical methods, typically in some form of quantum Monte Carlo calculation. Unfortunately, (non)relativistic systems at finite density (spin polarization) generally have a sign problem, such that those ab initio calculations are impractical.(More)
Lunar obstacle detection is the key technique for Lunar lander landing, the main step to detect obstacles is to separate and extract the obstacle regions. This paper puts forward a watershed method based on multi-scale mathematical morphology operation to separate the obstacles of the lunar. The method put up multi-scale open and close operator to(More)
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