Jian-Siang Poh

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Here we report the in situ generation of transient allylic boronic species, by reacting TMSCHN2 and E-vinyl boronic acids, followed by their subsequent trapping with aldehydes as electrophiles to yield homoallylic alcohols. This metal-free reaction was initially discovered by the use of a flow chemistry approach to generate a variety of homoallylic alcohols(More)
We report conditions for the preparation of a range of trifluoromethylated isoxazole building blocks through the cycloaddition reaction of trifluoromethyl nitrile oxide. It was found that controlling the rate (and therefore concentration) of the formation of the trifluoromethyl nitrile oxide was Critical for the preferential formation of the desired(More)
We report herein the asymmetric coupling of flow-generated unstabilized diazo compounds and propargylated amine derivatives, using a new pyridinebis(imidazoline) ligand, a copper catalyst and base. The reaction proceeds rapidly, generating chiral allenes in 10-20 minutes with high enantioselectivity (89-98 % de/ee), moderate yields and a wide functional(More)
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