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Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) have a role in many physiological processes, including energy production, modulation of inflammation, and maintenance of cell membrane integrity. High plasma PUFA concentrations have been shown to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease and mortality. To identify genetic contributors of plasma PUFA(More)
New methodologies based on functional testing and built-in self-test can narrow the gap between necessary solutions and existing techniques for processor validation and testing. We present a versatile automatic functional test generation methodology for microprocessors. The generated assembly instruction sequences can be applied to both design validation(More)
A particularly interesting special case that is still open is: any digraph on n vertices with minimum outdegree at least n 3 contains a directed triangle. Short of proving this, one may seek a value c as small as possible such that every digraph on n vertices with minimum outdegree at least cn contains a directed triangle. This was the strategy of Caccetta(More)
Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China & Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University, Leics, LE11 3TU, UK. E-mail: fcr@sjtu.edu.cn. Research was supported by the Mathematical Tianyuan Foundation of China (No. 10826090). Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240,(More)
5. In Situ Polymerization 3907 5.1. General Polymerization 3907 5.2. Photopolymerization 3910 5.3. Surface-Initiated Polymerization 3912 5.4. Other Methods 3913 6. Colloidal Nanocomposites 3913 6.1. Sol-Gel Process 3914 6.2. In Situ Polymerization 3916 6.2.1. Emulsion Polymerization 3917 6.2.2. Emulsifier-Free Emulsion Polymerization 3919 6.2.3.(More)
† The corresponding author. Abstract: Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are a class of emerging networks that experience frequent and longduration partitions. Compared with the conventional networks, the distinguished feature is that there is no endto-end connectivity between source and destination. The network topology may change dynamically and randomly, and(More)
We consider the problem of finding a large or dense triangle-free subgraph in a given graph G. In response to a question of P. Erdős, we prove that, if the minimum degree of G is at least 17|V (G)|/20, the largest triangle-free subgraphs are precisely the largest bipartite subgraphs in G. We investigate in particular the case where G is a complete(More)
In this paper, we examine multigrid algorithms for cell centered nite diierence approximations of second order elliptic boundary value problems. The cell centered application gives rise to one of the simplest non-variational multigrid algorithms. We shall provide an analysis which guarantees that the W-cycle and variable V-cycle multigrid algorithms(More)
Interfacial diffusion between magnetic electrodes and organic spacer layers is a serious problem in the organic spintronics which complicates attempts to understand the spin-dependent transport mechanism and hurts the achievement of a desirably high magnetoresistance (MR). We deposit nanodots instead of atoms onto the organic layer using buffer layer assist(More)
Ao and Hanson, and Guiduli, Gy arf as, Thomass e and Weidl independently, proved the following result: For any tournament score sequence S = (s1; s2; : : : ; sn) with s1 s2 sn, there exists a tournament T on vertex set f1; 2; : : :; ng such that the score of each vertex i is si and the sub-tournaments of T on both the even and the odd indexed vertices are(More)