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An experiment investigating the photoelectron instability has been performed in BEPC at IHEP, China. The betatron oscillation of each bunch was observed and recorded by a single pass beam position monitor system which has a capability to measure the transverse position of every bunch over 16000 turns. The effect of an octupole magnet on the instability was(More)
—A new non-air conduct speech detecting method is introduced in this paper by means of millimeter wave (MMW) radar. Due to its special attribute, this method may provide some exciting possibility of wide applications. However, the resulting speech is of less intelligible and poor audibility since the present of the combined and colored additive noise. This(More)
W e made thin film multilayers o f and d , = 4-11 nm) to examine geometries and materials relevant to flux pinning in commercial NbTi conductors. Samples were characterized by transport measurements between 4. 2 K and T , , i n magnetic fields nearly parallel to the layers, up to 6 T. For some multilayers, pinning forces had a large peak at intermediate(More)
AIMS To assess the contribution of the four major operational variables in the radial keratotomy operation (RK) to the correction of myopic eyes. To study the deformation of the cornea after the operation and provide some valuable references for clinical practice. METHODS The expression of the correction ratio has been deduced, which can be directly(More)
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