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W e consider the problem of efficiently allocating simulation replications in order to maximize the probability of selecting the best design under the scenario in which system performances are sampled in the presence of correlation. In the case of two designs, we are able to derive the optimal allocation exactly, and find that in the presence of positive(More)
In this paper a higher order approximation for single server queues and tandem queueing networks is proposed and studied. Diierent from the most popular two-moment based approximations in the literature, the higher order approximation uses the higher moments of the interarrival and service distributions in evaluating the performance measures for queueing(More)
We consider the optimal computing budget allocation (OCBA) problem where the simulated designs are correlated. The exact optimal allocation is presented for two designs, and an approximation proposed for more than two designs. Numerical experiments for several examples compare the approximation with some other allocation procedures. Results on convergence(More)