Jian-Ping Zhang

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Supplementary Figure 2. Administration module. A) Home page of the Admin Office, detailing available options. B) Creation of a new project in Project Manager. Projects are associated with a specific research laboratory or working group, and generally contains results from a single species to which filter sets may be applied. " Frequency " refers here to the(More)
To maximize the cost efficiency in constructing the sports facilities for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, we applied the state-of-the-art construction operations simulation modeling to plan the operations of installing the steel structure, find the proper installation sequence and formulate the assembling area use schedule. The SDESA platform resulting from(More)
Affinity purification coupled with mass spectrometric identification (AP-MS) is now a method of choice for charting novel protein-protein interactions, and has been applied to a large number of both small scale and high-throughput studies1. However, general and intuitive computational tools for sample tracking, AP-MS data analysis, and annotation have not(More)
A novel super-complex of photosystem I (PSI)–light-harvesting complex I (LHCI) was isolated from a siphonaceous marine green alga, Bryopsis corticulans. The super-complex contained 9–10 Lhca antennas as external LHCI bound to the core complex. The super-complex was further disintegrated into PSI core and LHCI sub-complexes, and analysis of the pigment(More)