Jian-Ping Yu

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OBJECTIVE To study on extraction technics and variety trends of the flavonoids in Sarcandrae glabra. METHOD By using S. glabra in Guizhou as materials and the experiment of L9 (3(4)) by ethanol as extracting way, The variety trends of the flavonoids from S. glabra are studied under the optimum extracting conditions during different raw stored times,(More)
This study aims to investigate the anxiolytic effects of essential oil from S. miltiorrhiza in rats. The elevated plus maze test and the social interaction test were performed to evaluate the anxiolytic effects of essential oil. The levels of noradrenaline (NE), dopamine (DA) and serotonin (5-HT) in cerebral cortex of rats as well as the plasma(More)
A planar capacitive sensor (PCS) capable of 2D large-scale measurement is presented in this paper. Displacement interpretation depends on independently measuring the periodic variation in capacitance caused by the change in the overlapping area of sensing electrodes on a moving plate and a fixed plate. By accumulating the number of quarters in each(More)
In order to illuminate nutrient spatial distribution characteristics in surface sediment of Lake Hongze, sediment samples at 10 representative sampling stations were collected in June of 2008, and concentrations of organic matter, total nitrogen, organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate, total phosphorus, inorganic phosphorus, Al-Phosphorus, and(More)
Fingerprint image enhancement is a essential preprocessing step to ensure good performance in Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). In this paper, we proposed a new fingerprint enhancement algorithm based on morphological filter. This algorithm first employs the idea of median filtering based on the Mehtre method to obtain a reliable ridge(More)
In order to investigated horizontal distribution patterns of heavy metals in surface sediments of Hongze Lake, heavy metal contents in every samples were measured by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry (ICP-AES) and Atomic Fluorescence spectrometry (AFS) and the potential ecological risks of each heavy metals were analyzed. The average(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) have attracted much attention in recent years for its unique characteristics and wide use in many different applications. Routing protocol is one of key technologies in WSN. In this paper, the position-based routing protocols are surveyed and classified into four categories: flooding-based, curve-based, grid-based and ant(More)
A method for separation and purification of total alkaloids from Macleaya cordata with macroporous resin was studied, with the content and recovery rate of total alkaloids as indexes. The results were as follows: The static adsorption capacity of AB-8 type resin was 104. 65 mg/g, the static elution ratio were 95.9% , the dynamic adsorption capacity of AB-8(More)
OBJECTIVE A method for separation and purification of flavonoids from C. indicum with macroporous resin was studied. METHOD By using C. indicum in Guizhou as the materials and with the content and recovery rate of flavonoids as indexes, the static and dynamic adsorption tests were employed to investigated effects and affective factors of separation and(More)
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