Jian-Ping Wu

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As an important component of urban vegetation, street trees play an important role in maintenance of environmental quality, aesthetic beauty of urban landscape, and social service for inhabitants. Acquiring accurate and up-to-date inventory information for street trees is required for urban horticultural planning, and municipal urban forest management. This(More)
Despite the great success achieved by the Internet, it has been facing increasingly severe technical challenges that include address exhaustion, low-level network security and trustworthiness, weak quality-of-service control capability, limited bandwidth, and poor support toward mobility. In this paper we summarize the principal challenges facing the(More)
Classifying network traffic according to its applications is important to a broad range of network areas. Since new applications, especially P2P applications, no longer use well-known fixed port numbers, the native port based traffic classification technique has become much less effective. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to identify P2P traffic(More)
In spite of several classification attempts among taxa of the genus Lepus, phylogenetic relationships still remain poorly understood. Here, we present molecular genetic evidence that may resolve some of the current incongruities in the phylogeny of the leporids. The complete mitochondrial cytb, 12S genes, and parts of ND4 and control region fragments were(More)
Reforested plantations have substantial effects on terrestrial carbon cycling due to their large coverage area. Although understory plants are important components of reforested plantations, their effects on ecosystem carbon dynamics remain unclear. This study was designed to investigate the effects of vegetation removal/understory removal and tree girdling(More)
Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have reproducibly associated ∼40 susceptibility loci with psoriasis. However, the missing heritability is evident and the contributions of coding variants have not yet been systematically evaluated. Here, we present a large-scale whole-exome array analysis for psoriasis consisting of 42,760 individuals. We discover 16(More)
Ecological stoichiometry plays important roles in ecosystem dynamics and functioning, but relationships between above- and belowground stoichiometry and stoichiometric effects on the growth of different plant functional groups in forests remain poorly understood. In an age sequence of 2-, 4- and 6-year-old Eucalyptus plantations in subtropical China, we(More)
Growth and distribution of fine roots closely depend on soil resource availability and affect soil C distribution in return. Understanding of relationships between fine root distribution and soil C can help to predict the contribution of fine root turnover to soil C accumulation. A study was conducted in a subtropical Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation to(More)