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This paper presents a recommendation mechanism for taxi-sharing. The first aim of our model is to respectively recommend taxis and passengers for picking up passengers quickly and finding taxis easily. The second purpose is providing taxi-sharing service for passengers who want to save the payment. In our method, we analyze the historical Global Positioning(More)
This study proposes a dynamic hand gesture detection technology to effectively detect dynamic hand gesture areas, and a hand gesture recognition technology to improve the dynamic hand gesture recognition rate. Meanwhile, the corresponding relationship between state sequences in hand gesture and speech models is considered by integrating speech recognition(More)
Using fuzzy logic, we propose a model with a neural network for public transport, normal cars, and motorcycles. The model controls traffic-light systems to reduce traffic congestion and help vehicles with high priority pass through. A fuzzy neural network (FNN) calculates the traffic-light system and extends or terminates the green signal according to the(More)
Connection Manager Intelligence Agent's (CMIA) an attractive feature is use the network traffic and behavior with multi-attributes to find the best network devices and connection devices meet user habits that it possible to access various network contents everywhere at any time. In this agent, information process is thoroughly integrated into embedded(More)