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A decentralized model predictive controller applicable for some systems which exhibit different dynamic characteristics in different channels was presented in this paper. These systems can be regarded as combinations of a fast model and a slow model, the response speeds of which are in two-time scale. Because most practical models used for control are(More)
An all-optical analog-to-digital conversion scheme based on a Sagnac loop and balanced receivers is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Adjustable phase shift about the transfer function of the Sagnac loop is obtained by using the multiwavelength optical pulses to realize the phase-shift optical quantization. Benefit from the complementary outputs at(More)
Based on forward distortion information acquisition and post digital signal processing (DSP), we propose and demonstrate a novel scheme to effectively suppress the third-order intermodulation distortion (IMD3) and cross-modulation distortion (XMD) in a channelized RF photonic link. The simultaneous distortion compensation capacity is studied numerically,(More)
Hydrogels are generally thought to be formed by nano- to micrometre-scale fibres or polymer chains, either physically branched or entangled with each other to trap water. Although there are also anisotropic hydrogels with apparently ordered structures, they are essentially polymer fibre/discrete polymer chains-based network without exception. Here we(More)
Oil/water separation has been a worldwide subject because of increasing release of oil-containing wastewater as well as several marine oil spills. The phase-selective organogelators (PSOGs) are thought to offer a potential and effective implement for addressing this issue. An ideal PSOG for oil adsorption must fulfill some requirements involving effective(More)
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