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Curled up: TiO(2)-B nanotubes with two curled layers are successfully prepared by a facile hydrothermal route and subsequent calcination. The two curled layers produce a thin wall, and thus the obtained double-walled structure results in short distances of electron and lithium-ion transport, thereby leading to an improved high-rate performance.
Anodization of Al foil under low voltages of 1-10 V was conducted to obtain porous anodic aluminas (PAAs) with ultrasmall nanopores. Regular nanopore arrays with pore diameter 6-10 nm were realized in four different electrolytes under 0-30°C according to the AFM, FESEM, TEM images and current evolution curves. It is found that the pore diameter and(More)
The gradient-corrected density functional calculation is applied to search the lowest-energy configurations of Cu(n)N (n=1-6) clusters and the calculation indicated that Cu(3)N cluster is the most stable one. Based on the result, we further investigate the equilibrium geometries and stabilities of the Cu(3n)N(n) (n=2-5) clusters. We found that in Cu(6)N(2)(More)
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