Jian Nan Chen

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The present study investigates the possibility of using poloxamers as solubility and dissolution rate enhancing agents of poorly water soluble bioactive constituent patchouli alcohol (PA) that can be used for the preparation of immediate release pellets formulation. Two commercially available grades poloxamer 188 (P 188) and poloxamer 407 (P 407) were(More)
Using a metacontrast masking paradigm, prior studies have shown (a) that a target's color information and form information, can be processed without awareness and (b) that unconscious color processing occurs at early, wavelength-dependent levels in the cortical information processing hierarchy. Here we used a combination of paracontrast and metacontrast(More)
Several classes of contaminants have been shown to have multigenerational impacts once a parental generation has been exposed. Acute and chronic toxicity are described for several types of nanomaterials in the literature; however, no information is available on the impact of nanomaterials on future generations of organisms after the exposure is removed. In(More)
The chemical compositions of relatively young mare lava flows have implications for the late volcanism on the Moon. Here we report the composition of soil along the rim of a 450-m diameter fresh crater at the Chang'e-3 (CE-3) landing site, investigated by the Yutu rover with in situ APXS (Active Particle-induced X-ray Spectrometer) and VNIS (Visible and(More)
In this paper, a new method was put forward for automatic recognition of the first heart sounds (S1) and the second heart sounds (S2). After the original heart sound signal was preprocessed, the heart sound envelope was extracted by using the mathematical morphology. Then on the heart sound envelope, S1 and S2 were recognized. Eighty heart sound samples(More)
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