Jian Mmei Chen

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This paper describes our experiences in developing a simulation model for evaluating a set of emergency response vehicle base locations. The project was undertaken jointly by the University of Arizona and the Tucson Fire Department. The issues of model development, data collection, model validation, and experimentation are discussed. The critical nature of(More)
Power utilities are aware of the specific characteristics and requirements for their network. For this reason, they may require additional functionality from the protective devices and secondary systems included in their power network. Therefore ECEPA requires a number of specific tests to be conducted on the protection system proposed for a particular(More)
A cluster validity index for fuzzy partitions has two functions. One is to identify the number of clusters of an unlabeled data set. The other is to assess the clustering result of an unlabeled data set. The first function has been thoroughly investigated. However, no researchers attach importance to the second function. This paper devises an experiment to(More)
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