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— Due to the temporal and spatial correlation of the image sequence, the motion vector of a block is highly related to the motion vectors of its adjacent blocks in the same image frame. If we can obtain useful and enough information from the adjacent motion vectors, the total number of search points used to find the motion vector of the block may be reduced(More)
The Scyphozon Cyanea nozakii is a common jellyfish species that blooms in Chinese seas. However, little is known of the field ecology of this species for the lack of polyps. Here, we studied a breeding technology of C. nozakii that included artificial acclimation of wild jellyfish, stimulation of spawning, as well as polyp and medusa rearing. Female and(More)
In this paper, simulations of railway catenary supporting system have been performed with finite element method (FEM) in different wind and ice-coating disasters with or without a locomotive passing by. The results of stress and displacement indicate that existing catenary supporting structure is capable of meeting the requirement on strength and stiffness(More)
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