Jian-Ming Deng

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An automated approachfor measuring in situ two-dimensional strain fields was developed and validated for its application to cartilage mechanics. This approach combines video microscopy, optimized digital image correlation (DIC), thin-plate spline smoothing (TPSS) and generalized cross-validation (GCV) techniques to achieve the desired efficiency and(More)
Physiological and photosynthetic responses were investigated at three different depths of groundwater (DGW: 1.4, 2.4, and 3.4 m) in Elaeagnus angustifolia L., a locally adapted tree to the arid region in northwest China. Predawn leaf water potential and chlorophyll content declined gradually with the increasing DGW, whereas there was little effect on(More)
The energetic equivalence rule, which is based on a combination of metabolic theory and the self-thinning rule, is one of the fundamental laws of nature. However, there is a progressively increasing body of evidence that scaling relationships of metabolic rate vs. body mass and population density vs. body mass are variable and deviate from their respective(More)
To investigate the variations of anatomical and photosynthetic carbon metabolic characteristics within one species in response to increasing soil water stress, leaf anatomical characteristics, gas exchange and the activity of key enzymes in photosynthesis and photorespiration were compared in different ecotypes of Phragmites communis growing in an(More)
There are empirical indications of an isometric scaling relationship between plants' respiratory metabolism rates and nitrogen contents. To test the hypothesis that there may be a similar relationship between plants' respiratory metabolism and phosphorus contents we used data obtained from 150 laboratory and field-grown seedlings representing 30 herbaceous(More)
The spatial distribution of leaves is related to the exponent of the self-thinning relationship in plant populations. In this study, we evaluated the fractal dimension of rosette leaves of wild-type (WT)Arabidopsis thaliana and of an abscisic acid (ABA) -insensitive mutant (abi2-1) to test a model of the spatial distribution of leaf form in anArabidopsis(More)
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