Jian-Min Zhao

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The triptycene-based macrotricyclic host containing two dibenzo-[24]-crown-8 moieties has been found to form stable 1:1 or 1:2 complexes in different complexation modes with different functional paraquat derivatives and secondary ammonium salts in solution and in the solid state. Consequently, the alkyl-substituted paraquat derivatives thread the lateral(More)
A novel triptycene-derived bisparaphenylene-34-crown-10 (1) has been synthesized, and shown to form 1:1 stable complexes with both the paraquat G1.2PF(6) and the cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) G2.4PF(6) in different complexation modes in solution and solid state. Moreover, it was found that both the complexes 1.G1.2PF(6) and 1.G2.4PF(6) were formed by(More)
Complexation between a triptycene-derived macrotricyclic polyether containing two dibenzo-[30]-crown-10 cavities and different functionalized paraquat derivatives, diquat, and a 2,7-diazapyrenium salt in both solution and solid state was investigated in detail. It was found that depending on the guests with different terminal functional groups and(More)
A new triptycene-based macrotricyclic host containing two dibenzo-30 crown-10 moieties (1) has been synthesized. It could form a 1:2 stable complex 1 x 3(2) with (9-anthracylmethyl)benzylammonium salt (3) in both solution and solid state, in which the 9-anthracyl groups were selectively positioned inside the cavity of the host. Moreover, the complexation(More)
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