Jian Min Gao

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We report a nanoimprint lithography method combined with photolithography on a bi-layer polymer setup to define nano-worms laterally in nano-gratings and produce uniform worm-shaped polymeric nanoparticles in aqueous solution by dissolving water soluble sacrificial layer poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA). Process control of the thin residue layer, SU-8 curing using(More)
Extraction of polysaccharides from Gynura medica (GMPs) was optimized by response surface methodology (RSM). A central composition design including three parameters, namely extraction temperature (X₁), ratio of water to raw material (X₂) and extraction time (X₃), was used. The best conditions were extraction temperature of 91.7 °C, extraction time of 4.06 h(More)
Nitrogen-containing bamboo charcoals were prepared using bamboo processing residues, and modified by melamine or urea. The iodine value of the products we obtained was analyzed, and two samples were chosen for the Cr(VI) adsorption. The experimental results show that under the KOH and carbon ratio of 3:1 (w1/w2), activation temperature 800 °C and activation(More)
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