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An emerging Internet application, IPTV, has the potential to flood Internet access and backbone ISPs with massive amounts of new traffic. Although many architectures are possible for IPTV video distribution, several mesh-pull P2P architectures have been successfully deployed on the Internet. In order to gain insights into mesh-pull P2P IPTV systems and the(More)
One way to combat P2P file sharing of copyrighted content is to deposit into the file sharing systems large volumes of polluted files. Without taking sides in the file sharing debate, in this paper we undertake a measurement study of the nature and magnitude of pollution in the FastTrack P2P network, currently the most popular P2P file sharing system. We(More)
With over 100,000 simultaneous users (typically), PPLive is the most popular IPTV application today. PPLive uses a peer-to-peer design, in which peers download and redistribute live television content from and to other peers. Although PPLive is paving the way for an important new class of bandwidth intensive applications, little is known about it due to the(More)
The increasing availability of high-performance, low-priced, portable digital imaging devices has created a tremendous opportunity for supplementing traditional scanning for document image acquisition. Digital cameras attached to cellular phones, PDAs, or wearable computers, and standalone image or video devices are highly mobile and easy to use; they can(More)
Both in terms of number of participating users and in traffic volume, KaZaA is one of the most important applications in the Internet today. Nevertheless, because KaZaA is proprietary and uses encryption, little is understood about KaZaA’s overlay structure and dynamics, its messaging protocol, and its index management. We have built two measurement(More)
P2P file-sharing systems have indexes, which users search to find locations of desired titles. In the index poisoning attack, the attacker inserts massive numbers of bogus records into the index for a set of targeted titles. As a result, when a user searches for a targeted title, the index returns bogus results, such as bogus file identifiers, bogus IP(More)
As on-chip integration matures, single-chip system designers must not only be concerned with component-level issues such as performance and power, but also with on-chip system-level issues such as adaptability and scalability. Recent trends indicate that next generation systems will require new architectures and compilation tools that effectively deal with(More)
In this paper we present a general framework for solving partial differential equations on manifolds represented by meshless points, i.e., point clouds, without parametrization or connection information. Our method is based on a local approximation of the manifold as well as functions defined on the manifold, such as using least squares, simultaneously in a(More)
Activated macrophages play an important role in many inflammatory diseases. However, the molecular mechanisms controlling macrophage activation are not completely understood. Here we report that a novel CCCH-zinc finger protein family, MCPIP1, 2, 3, and 4, encoded by four genes, Zc3h12a, Zc3h12b, Zc3h12c, and Zc3h12d, respectively, regulates macrophage(More)