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AIM To determine the clinical characteristics of vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC), the Candida species involved and the antifungal susceptibility of Candida species isolated from patients with VVC. METHODS Candida organisms were cultured from samples obtained from patients who presented with VVC to the Gynecology Department, Peking University Shenzhen(More)
We consider the problem of streaming live content to a cluster of co-located wireless devices that have both an expensive unicast base-station-to-device B2D interface, as well as an inexpensive broadcast device-to-device D2D interface, which can be used simultaneously. Our setting is a streaming system that uses a block-by-block random linear coding(More)
Along with fusion of mobile communication technologies and computer technology, mobile learning was produced as a new type of learning technique and method. Mobile Learning has become another very important complement to the traditional ways of learning after digital-learning. The development of the third generation mobile communication technology 3G(More)
There has recently been much interest in understanding societal networks, consisting of interconnected communication, transportation, energy and other networks that are important to the functioning of society. Research into these networks often takes the form of behavioral studies on decision making by the participants, and whether it is possible to provide(More)
Typical analysis of content caching algorithms using the metric of hit probability under a stationary request process does not account for performance loss under a variable request arrival process. In this work, we consider adaptability of caching algorithms from two perspectives: (a) the accuracy of learning a fixed popularity distribution; and (b) the(More)
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