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With the development of Mobile Internet, the smart phones become more and more popular. So a lot of people choose to store personal information directly on the Smartphone. It usually leads to important personal information leakage because of the relatively weak security mechanism of the smart phone. Therefore, this paper presents a hierarchical file(More)
Nowadays, most reasonable software protection techniques are proposed only to resist static-only attacks. However, with the development of Hybrid Static-Dynamic Disassembly (HSDD), the techniques used to prevent static-only attacks can be easily detected and eliminated, and the difficulty of crack is greatly reduced. In this paper, in order to resist HSDD,(More)
OPhone is an open source platform in intelligent terminal released by China Mobile. With the increase of various applications based on the platform, OPhone education is becoming more and more important in colleges and universities. This paper introduces OPhone platform and OPhone education in the beginning. Then the necessity of setting up an experimental(More)
With the development of terminal technology, OPhone platform is playing more and more influent role in people’s daily life. Taking chance of the prosperity of OPhone technology, this paper aims at bringing forth some explorations on cultivating OPhone technology talents in universities. Firstly, some inductions are given to illustrate the developing(More)
This paper proposes an innovative way to organize the increasingly complicated and massive intrusion detection rules that caused by numerous variety of attacks for the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) such as Snort, which will largely enhance the detection efficiency in both space and time aspect. Being different from the traditional one-dimensional list or(More)
In recent years, large-volume contents delivery have been growing and P2P technology has been a roaring success. However, P2P have some inherent problems, and it would bring severe effect in mobile internet. For example, excessive equality between two peers burdens the backbone network; the security defect worries all of users, etc. To solve this problem,(More)
With the rapid development of mobile networks, mobile communication network optimization plays an increasingly important role, and the data collection before optimization is a very important process. This paper presents a distributed test data acquisition system, which is deployed in an Android-based cell phone that is conveniently carried. Our system uses(More)
AODV routing protocol makes least hops as a principle when establishing routes. Nodes in Ad Hoc networks have limited energy. Node will exit the network and cannot provide service when its energy is depleted. In recent years, many works have been taken to save energy of ad hoc networks. This paper presents a method which can prolong network lifetime. In(More)
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