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─To support m-commerce applications, a service discovery mechanism where services can announce their presence and mobile users can locate these services is needed. Service discovery in dynamic mobile environments poses many challenges such as service providers may create and delete services or servers anytime; mobile services may be deployed in various(More)
This paper studies the dynamics in two-settlement electricity markets. In these markets, energy producers sign strategic forward contracts in the forward market, and engage in spatial oligopolistic competition in the spot market. We develop an agent-based model for simulating the outcomes of such markets. Numerical simulations imply that the access to the(More)
Supply Chain Integration is a very important problem for business to business electronic commerce. An integrated supply chain allows businesses to share real-time information and drastically reduce transaction costs. This paper describes our efforts to model the order selection and negotiation process as a multi-agent system based on Constraint Satisfaction(More)
Design improvement is critical for achieving a low-cost and high energy-efficient building with low carbon emissions. Thus, designers need to consider many factors (such as energy, economic and environmental performance) in the early design stage. This paper presents a multi-objective analysis for better building design and compares the EDH-based design(More)
The wide application of Global Positioning System (GPS) carrier-phase (CP) time transfer is limited by the problem of boundary discontinuity (BD). The discontinuity has two categories. One is "day boundary discontinuity," which has been studied extensively and can be solved by multiple methods [1-8]. The other category of discontinuity, called "anomaly(More)
With the development of intelligent technology, Smart Home began to integrate into people's family life, and intelligent technology can provide more ideas for the establishment of a healthy home ecology. In order to better solve the security risks of family ecological environment, maintain the health of families, we analyzes the application and development(More)
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