Jian Jun Wang

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Using an event-related fMRI procedure, we investigated the role of the human cerebellum in sequential finger movements. Subjects performed a delayed sequential finger movement task in which an instructive cue preceded the imperative signal by 16.5 s. Bilateral activation was observed in the cerebellum following both the cue and imperative signals. The(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria still represents a significant public health problem in China, and the cases dramatically increased in the areas along the Huang-Huai River of central China after 2001. Considering spatial aggregation of malaria cases and specific vectors, the geographical, meteorological and vectorial factors were analysed to determine the key factors(More)
Evidence exists that motilin immunoreactivity is highly expressed in Purkinje cells. In this study, immunohistochemistry and whole-cell patch-clamp recording were performed to investigate the spatial distribution and electrophysiological effects of motilin receptors in the cerebellum. We show here that motilin receptors are strongly expressed in Purkinje(More)
Secure e-mailing between Kaiser Permanente physicians and patients is widespread; primary care providers receive an average of 5 e-mails from patients each workday. However, on average, secure e-mailing with patients has not substantially impacted primary care provider work-loads. Secure e-mail has been associated with increased member retention and(More)
Regions of enhanced humidity in the vicinity of cumulus clouds, so-called cloud halos, reflect features of cloud evolution, exert radiative effects, and may serve as a locus for new particle formation. Reported here are the results of an aircraft sampling campaign carried out near Oahu, Hawaii, from 31 July through 10 August 2001, aimed at characterizing(More)
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