Jian-Jun Feng

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An atom-economic route to ring-fused 1,2,4-hexahydrotriazines relying upon a new synthetic application of vinylaziridines in a rhodium-catalyzed intermolecular [3+3] cycloaddition of C,N-cyclic azomethine imines has been reported. Highly efficient chirality transfer in the present transformation was also observed, providing a new method for the synthesis of(More)
A new synthetic application of vinyl aziridines as N-containing three-atom components in a rhodium-catalyzed [4+3] cycloaddition reaction is described. The reaction proceeds well with various silyl dienol ethers and vinyl aziridines, and enables the efficient synthesis of highly functionalized azepines in an enantioselective manner with net inversion of(More)
The first synthetic application of a vinylic oxirane as a heteroatom-containing five-atom component in transition-metal-catalyzed cycloaddition reactions is reported. A new, efficient, diastereoselective tandem intramolecular hetero-[5+2] cycloaddition/Claisen rearrangement of vinylic oxirane-alkyne substrates that uses a rhodium NHC complex and provides(More)
By taking advantage of chirality-transfer strategy, a chemo- and regioselective allylic alkylation of naphthols and phenols with vinylaziridines provides an atom-economic and efficient method for the synthesis of enantioenriched 2-vinyl-2-arylethylamine derivatives. Use of readily available starting materials, a broad substrate scope, high selectivity, mild(More)
The first rhodium-catalyzed intramolecular hetero-[5+2] cycloaddition reaction of vinyl aziridines and alkenes was realized, wherein both internal and terminal alkenes were applicable. With this method, a variety of unique substituted chiral fused bicyclic azepines, bearing multiple contiguous stereogenic centers, were facilely accessed in a(More)
By taking advantage of vinyl aziridines as a heteroatom-containing five-atom component in rhodium-catalyzed intramolecular formal hetero-[5 + 2] cycloaddition reactions with alkynes, a highly efficient method for the synthesis of fused azepine derivatives at 30 °C was developed. The reaction has broad substrate scope and tolerates a wide range of functional(More)
Catalyst-controlled divergent intermolecular cycloadditions of vinylaziridines with alkynes have been developed. By using [Rh(NBD)2]BF4 as the catalyst, a [3 + 2] cycloaddition reaction was achieved with broad substrate scope and high stereoselectivity under mild reaction conditions. Moreover, the chirality of vinylaziridines can be completely transferred(More)
A fluorescence immunoassay for human IgG (Ag) was developed using a pH-sensitive polymer prepared by thermal initiation or redox initiation polymerization as a carrier. In the competitive immunoassay, appropriate quantity of Ag was immobilized on the polymer and the standard Ag (or sample) solution, and a constant amount of fluorescein isothiocyanate(More)
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