Jian Jie Wang

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Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) was used to improve the performance of starch-based wood adhesive. The effects of SDS on shear strength, viscosity and storage stability were investigated. It was shown that, although the addition of 1.5-2% (dry starch basis) SDS resulted in a slight decrease in shear strength, the mobility and storage stability of adhesive were(More)
BACKGROUND Spine fractures are common. The treatment of traumatic fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine remains controversial but surgery involving pedicle screw fixation has become a popular option. OBJECTIVES To assess the effects (benefits and harms) of pedicle screw fixation for traumatic fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine. SEARCH(More)
Studies of physical performance and energy metabolism during and following exercise have shown significant sex-specific musculoskeletal adaptations; less is known of vascular adaptations, particularly with respect to exchange capacity. In response to adenosine (ADO), a metabolite produced during exercise, permeability (P(s)) of coronary arterioles from(More)
Representative basic MUF of six circuits in China region of lower solar activity year was collected, which had over a 250° azimuth from 3.1° to 261.3°, and distance from 592.9 km to 1734.0 km. Then, basic MUF theoretical prediction based on ITU-R reference ionospheric model and China reference ionospheric model are compared with(More)
Effects of montmorillonite (MMT) addition on the performance of corn starch-based wood adhesive were investigated. It was found that MMT addition could enhance the shear strength of the starch-based wood adhesive. The shear strength of the adhesive with 5% (w/w, dry starch basis) MMT reached 10.6 MPa in the dry state, which was almost twice that of the same(More)
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